Our technological solutions come with unrivalled features designed specifically to give you the edge

Why ActiveOMG

At ActiveOMG, we are not satisfied until a customer is delighted. That is why we work hard to make you happy and help you make your visitors happy.

We have created a range of products to bring the most relevant visitors to your website and provide them with first-class customer service because we believe that online stores should provide the same level of service they would if they had a physical presence. This goes beyond having a nice-looking website. It is about making a visitor’s experience personal, useful and pleasant.

Our years of experience have taught us a thing or two about optimising conversion:

1. Timing

Timing of engagement is crucial. Approaching a customer too soon and you may irritate them, following up after they have left may seem a little intrusive.

Our algorithm works out the exact time to engage a visitor for the highest chance of conversion.

2. Engagement

Visitors respond best when interacted with in the right way. Do you offer to chat, call, message or email?

Our platform provides the full range of options and our algorithm works out when to use what to meet every visitor’s individual need.

3. Approach

Interaction increases engagement. Everyone enjoys a pleasant personal shopping experience and wants their questions answered quickly. Companies that are unable to provide live chats 24/7 therefore experience significantly lower conversion during out-of-office hours.

Our intelligent automated virtual sales assistant is fully conversational and available 24/7.

Below is the improvement in conversion our clients have experienced as a result of using our integrated multi-channel marketing platform:

*Results displayed on this website are through use of our platforms and in conjunction with our online marketing techniques and campaign management. All markets will have different results, as will individual products and product margins.

When you work with us, you will benefit from an integrated end-to-end solution for online marketing that comes with a bespoke strategy to meet your specific needs. Our focus is on helping you convert more visitors into customers because naturally, as the conversion rate increases, your online marketing cost per sale is reduced. And while we do not compete on price, we are confident that our flexible pricing structure will make you smile.

Quite simply, we do not stop until we exceed your expectations.