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Our Story

A Little About ActiveOMG

ActiveOmg was founded by Lawrence Turner, Lawrence continues to own the business. We are a friendly and professional team based in Brighton and London.

We believe in having fun and delivering first class results for our clients. By having fun, we think it helps up think outside the box. Here at ActiveOMG we don’t just stick to the normal marketing mix, we like to bring a little magic to our clients campaigns. A simple and proven methodology!

The Active Online Marketing Group Ltd is made up of three separate companies, but we operate as one team.

The Beginning

ActiveOMG started as Active Pay Per Click in Brighton. We had a tiny laptop that was only just capable of running photoshop. This laptop was also balanced on an ironing board which was used as a desk. It was a simple start but we knew what we were doing. We ran many Pay Per Click campaigns for well known High Street names and slowly built up our business. This enabled us to move from our back bedroom and into our first office, located close to Brighton Train Station.

It was onwards and upwards from there, with a team of 12 to accommodate, we then moved to a larger office in central Brighton. At this time our clients were asking how they could see further improvements and we started developing our range of products to meet not only our own business needs but our clients as well. We very quickly developed a range of products to enhance all of the elements of the online marketing mix and they worked out so popular that we are still using them today.

Where We Are Going

We believe customers should have the same great experience online as they do offline. This is why we continue to focus on giving your visitors a great experience, the end result for you is more sales.



In 2009, in a small back bedroom in Brighton, our company was born.


It was a big year in 2010, we moved into our first 4 man office!


In 2011 we wanted to give something more, so we developed and launched our first digital platform ActiveTrack™.


To accommodate our growing team it was time to move office. We moved to a larger 12 man office and developed our second product and launched SuperTag™.


We had a lot to manage from the launch of SuperTag™ and our office move so we kept our heads down in 2013 and made sure the move and launch were as seamless as possible.


This was a huge year for us, 2014 saw ActiveOMG open a second office in the England’s Capital. Hello London!


The successful launch of our new Customer Engagement Platform SiteReplier™, with integrated Live Chat, Telephone System, Visitor Interaction Algorithm and Visitor Information Repository. All controlled from one Agent Management Dashboard.


It’s time for the launch of our next generation of SiteReplier™ with Ami, our Intelligent, Automated Virtual Sales Assistant.
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