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With years of experience servicing clients in the finance, retail and travel sectors, we have developed a unique approach that goes well beyond standard agency services to not only increase traffic to your site but also engage more of your potential customers. We pride ourselves in bespoke services and individual attention to each client.

Whatever products you are interested in, we will first make sure to get to know you and your objectives before suggesting the most suitable solutions to meet your requirements, whether or not you ultimately decide to work with us.



Pay-per-Click is one of the most profitable marketing channels in the online marketing mix, but only if the search terms are optimised. This is when experience and dedication make a difference. To improve the result of a campaign, we often invest time in testing different strategies to find the most effective search phrases, something you will not experience with a big agency. Our delighted customers over the years include Broadway Travel, Directline Holidays.

Going beyond Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We can deliver a plain-vanilla SEO service to increase your site’s ranking on search engines but at ActiveOMG, we like going the extra mile for our clients. Our focus is on an integrated marketing campaign that combines SEO with Pay per Click. Instead of using keywords, we use insights from your Pay-per-Click campaign to figure out which terms will work best with Pay-per-Click and which are better for SEO. We seek to understand your target customer, discover the journeys they make to your website, watch how they interact and most importantly, how they buy. We subsequently design an effective strategy to optimise your listings so that you get quality visitors which are most likely to convert into customers.



Once a visitor is on your site, ActiveTrack™ captures their browsing pattern and combines with information embedded in SuperTag™ to work out the optimal time to interact with the visitor to engage and increase conversion.


SuperTag™ serves as a visitor information repository by packaging each visitor’s browsing history, search forms and search results into a unique code. This feeds ActiveTrack™ and enables the interactive elements of the ActiveOMG integrated online customer service platform (see diagram below).
SuperTag™ also allows the insertion of mid-layers or dynamic features that adapt to a visitor’s browsing pattern in real time, giving them the most relevant information just when they need it.



SiteReplier is the operating platform for Ami, an intelligent automated virtual sales assistant that is fully conversational. Available 24/7 or as much as required, Ami provides essential customer service support during peak times and out-of-office hours. It complements any existing live chat function and allows more visitors to be served with the same number of sales agents. We love this latest addition to the ActiveOMG family, which has already helped our clients increase their conversion by 50% while halving their marketing cost per sale!

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Our ActiveChat creates a personal experience for your visitors by providing the names and job titles of the sales agents they interact with. Unlike other live chat functions, ActiveChat works for as long as an agent is logged on so it is not restricted by opening hours. It allows transfers of chats between agents and with SiteReplier, which means your sales team can count on our automated virtual sales assistant during busy periods and an agent can instantly take over a chat from SiteReplier when required.


ActiveCallBack™ enables the automatic generation of calls to the sales team. It gives the option of instantly connecting with potential customers at critical points such as when they seem undecided in the buying process or when they abandon their shopping basket. ActiveCallBack™ works with SiteReplier in allowing a sales agent to take over from the automated virtual assistant when required. This function can also be activated for a call to be generated on the back of an enquiry form. These calls are prioritised and tracked on the Active OMG Dashboard with all information from SiteReplier’s chats automatically passed on to the assigned agents.

ActiveOMG Integrated Online Customer Service Platform

One Little Tag

At ActiveOMG we believe in keeping things simple – we have made it possible to use all of our products including SuperTag™, ActiveTrack™, ActiveCallBack™, ActiveChat and SiteReplier with just one single tag on your website!

One Sleek Dashboard

To support interaction with site visitors, Our ActiveDashboard allows you to manage your various interaction channels. It gives your visitor a seamless transition from one channel to another while facilitating your sales resource allocation to ensure consistently reliable customer service.


To get the most of our integrated platform, we recommend that you take advantage of our product training. We offer both online and in-office training, tailored to your needs.

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